M4000 Table Top Rebreathing Anesthesia Machine

M4000 Table Top Rebreathing Anesthesia Machine

Safest and Most Efficient Rebreathing Anesthesia Machine for Table Top Use

Small, but mighty, the M4000 is our most compact rebreathing anesthesia machine. It is the perfect solution for table top locations where floor space is minimal. For mobile applications, it can also be mounted to a cart for added versatility.

Product Information

• Designed for large dogs, large non-human primates and other similar sized mammals
• Easy to clean powder coating
• 0-4 LPM O2 flow meter with mechanical stop flow control
* Other carrier gas and LPM range flow meters available upon request.
• Oxygen flush with industry standard 30 LPM safety restrictor
• Compatible with any vaporizer
• Proven rebreathing head and unidirectional valve design
• Quick disconnect common outlet
• Available in a package including O2 supply, vaporizer and other accessories- Please contact Scivena Scientific® for information and a quote.

Shown with optional Vaporizer

• Footprint: 13” x 13”
• Shipping box dimensions: 18” x 18” x 27”
• Shipping weight: 18lbs without vaporizer, 39lbs with vaporizer