M2300 Wall Mount Rebreathing Anesthesia Machine

M2300 Wall Mount Rebreathing Anesthesia Machine

Our Best-Selling Wall Mount Model With Rebreathing Head

Save space with the M2300 wall-mount unit. This best-selling model is an ideal solution for areas where floor stand or table top machines cannot be accommodated.

Product Information

• Designed for large dogs, large non-human primates and other similar sized mammals
• 0-4 LPM O2 flow meter with mechanical stop flow control
* Other carrier gas and LPM range flow meters available upon request.
• Oxygen flush with industry standard 30 LPM safety restrictor
• Compatible with any vaporizer
• Proven rebreathing head and unidirectional valve design
• Quick disconnect common outlet
• Available in a package including O2 supply, vaporizer and other accessories- Please contact Scivena Scientific® for information and a quote.

Shown with optional vaporizer

• Mounts on 16” centers (standard stud distance)
• Shipping box dimensions: 22” x 22” x 19”
• Shipping weight: 25lbs without vaporizer, 46lbs with vaporizer